Why is your header a picture of kids playing cards?
The dog has a gambling problem so I thought it would be exploitative to make him play poker.

What’s with the name “Rhetoric Unlimited”?
That was the original name for my freelance writing business. I thought it was ridiculously clever until people kept asking me what rhetoric means…

Do you really think you should be swearing while writing about parenthood?
Fuck yeah.

Don’t you think the profanity and less than professional nature of your writing here might be a turn off?
The short answer is “yes”. That’s the reason I stuck with straight copy and was relatively careful about the types of posts and articles I published. I didn’t want to alienate prospective editors and clients.

So why the hell are you publishing this content if you know some people won’t like it?
My sense of humor isn’t everyone’s taste. I’ve told stories and realized by the looks I got that, “Oh yeah, they didn’t know I was an asshole… maybe I should wear a sign”.

But, it is some people’s taste and that’s the audience I’m aiming for. I decided to write something I’d have fun reading. I hope it opens more doors than it closes.

What’s with the category “Conversations”?
“Conversations” are posts that start with conversations between my children or my kids and myself. I’ve been doing these as Facebook posts for a number of years and I have a lot of fun with them, so I adapted them for the blog.

Do you accept guest blogs?
Sure. If you’ve written a piece that you think fits my audience, I’d be happy to look at it and post it with a link back to your site. This isn’t a paying market – if that changes, I’ll list it here and likely add writers guidelines.

Do you make money from links on your site?
Not currently. But I do plan on including affiliate links in the future so the answer might be yes if you see links. This may evolve to advertising or products. So as a large blanket disclaimer, I might be monetizing this blog… I’ll likely change this to say that I am getting paid for links when it happens… you know, just to cross my t’s and dot my i’s.

I’d tell you that I won’t link to anything I don’t use and believe in, but really, who the fuck am I and why would you believe that?

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