Merry Monteleone

Merry Monteleone

Here’s the bio bit where I tell you all about me.

This, by the way, should be in third person. 

Every marketing genius on the planet would agree. Create your business profile in third person. Except, I kinda hate people who talk about themselves in third person… so there’s that.

At first, I built this site around the traditional model. There was a fresh, sparkly bio (in third person) to highlight my business writing acumen. There was a Services Page that detailed all the various areas of writing in my vast repertoire. There was a blog, devoted to the business of writing for the web. My picture was prominently displayed on every page. Because, “People like to see who they’re working with”. Even though it made me feel like a self-obsessed narcissist.


The whole point to this journey into writing was that I got to WRITE. Big, neon letters, people!

There’s no reason to choose writing if it’s not fun. What the hell – I can get a regular job I hate and probably get paid better, so …

So here’s the new deal with the site. My main focus here is the blog. Humorous parenting, life observations, and the occasional dash of satire. By “occasional” I mean all the fucking time, but read it how you will.

Oh, and I swear a lot. Really. If they offered Nobel Peace Prizes in creative profanity, I’d definitely make a run for it… except they’re not likely to offer peace prizes for things most people find insulting, but I digress.

Oh, yeah, the bio bit of my bio… My name’s at the top. I’ve been writing professionally since 2006, at some points more full time than others. I ran a very fulfilling fiction writing blog from 2006-2013. Fiction is still my first love and what I’d prefer to write if I could find a way to do that and still, you know, eat.

What Can You Expect Here?

This space is really devoted to humorous parenting. Parenting is literally the most important job I will ever take on. And I think that’s how most of us feel. You’re not just in charge of whether your little, progeny lives or dies, you’re also in charge of what kind of people they become. It’s high pressure with bubbles and play-doh.

It’s undervalued but essential… a quick perusal of the interwebz will tell you that it’s a pretty popular topic. So what makes this blog different? Well, it’s mine. You’ll find a lot of sarcasm, profanity, and humor here. I’ll deal a lot more with teenagers than little ones, though I might reminisce from time to time. You won’t find too many “how to’s” because I honestly don’t believe in them. It’s great to hear how one parent tackled something. It’s not so great to be told they have the universal secret. 

What Do You Write Professionally?

This site is a bit of a pet topic for me. It’s a space to write what I love but it also serves as a portfolio. You can get a feel for the type of writing I’m capable of here – if you can look past the profanity. My professional writing doesn’t use the cuss words, unless the client digs that sort of thing.

I’d be categorized as a generalist because I write across many industries. I do write parenting articles. I also specialize in legal copy, healthcare, financial, and business. I’ve written a great deal on marketing and IT, as well.

Web content and blogging are my favorite forms of writing and I enjoy ghostwriting, especially longer material such as eBooks. My formal education is in Fiction Writing and that training translates well in capturing the voice and brand of small businesses and individuals. 

If you’ve stumbled across my website looking for writing services, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to provide samples and I’m very honest about my experience. I’m not going to tell you I’m an expert at Underwater Basket Weaving if I don’t know a damn thing about it. I’m also happy to pass on recommendations to writers I know and trust when something is outside of my abilities.


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